Coup de Egypt

For those of you able to see the live cam, we can see that Democracy for some is tyranny for others. What many younger and Western educated Egyptians wanted was change when it came to Mubarak.  What they didn’t want was an Islamic tyranny.  And so we see a coup knocks out Morsi, and after the Morsi regime backed away from protecting minorities like the Coptic Christians, who have been persecuted heavily since Mubarak was overthrown…  well, let’s hope the fragile bits of liberty remaining in Egypt are able to grow roots and gains some strength.

As for the U.S. meddling that brought Morsi into power, these photos and these other photos all tell a tale of how dysfunctional U.S. foreign policy has grown.  Moreover, it illustrates once again how picking one side makes you the enemy of the other.

Frankly, when it comes to the Middle East, between radical Shiites and Sunnis, may there bad luck for each blow that misses.  Hopefully they destroy each-other, wannabe radicals learn their lesson that “Radical Mohammad” results in lots of dead Muslims, and the moderates can build from what’s left.