Progressive Operatives Are the Racists in Your Comment Section

The left has officially declared  that if your against Obama and/or progressive methods, you are a racist.  They have set about convincing everyone of this as a means of getting the fence sitters to ignore all criticism.  All very Orwellian —  thought planting kind of stuff.

Hence, there’s plenty of incentive for them to post extreme racism and hate on the comment sections of politician and news sites, and then reference that planted material in order to assassinate the entire message and messenger of the related criticisms.  The old “guilt by association” tactic.

This is, of course, impossible to prove.  But we do know that Saul Alinky’s Rules for Radicals is all about such deceit to achieve the essentially neo-Marxist / Fabian Socialist Utopia progressives wanted to enable.

And we do know progressives are all about calling other people racists…Look at the largely unfounded Tea Party accusations — Every progressive knows that racists attend Tea Party gatherings, although none has actually seen one.     They’re quick to accuse their opponents of being haters of the poor, wanting elderly to starve and arranging things so kids have no healthcare options…. Etc.

It’s all designed to put your opponent on the defense and get them off track.

It is followed by another Alinksy rule: Ridicule.  They’re “Tea Baggers”, Got it?

So why wouldn’t they be doing this?