Henry Hazlitt’s ‘Economics in One Lesson’

Economics in One Lesson

Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson

It’s critical that people should have a clearer understanding of basic economics.  Instead we are culturally indoctrinated with many poorly-founded economic assumptions, which we then carry in our daily lives and straight into the voting booth.

This mal-education is self-serving for those in power positions who prey on elements of our liberty, such as those who benefit from the political-banking nexus.

Of course, this particular problem of mal-education is the byproduct of the quasi-non-consensual, government-run “public” school system — who also directly benefit from such an indoctrination.   Granted,high school students barely receive any economic education, but what they do get is an amalgamation of straight neo-Keynesian ideology, an Überber-rudimentary recitation of Paul Samuelson’s views stated in his textbook Economics, overshadowed from sixth grade on with a social studies History interpretation that aggrandizes interventionist economic policy makers and other politically motivated intervention by the political class.  History class textbook narratives celebrate the creation of the Fed (to tame the business cycle), the New Deal policies of Hoover and FDR (to rescue us from the inherent derelict  nature of the Free Market), and JFK’s great promises, and Johnson’s delivery of them via the “Great Society” (because Americans would otherwise let their fellow man suffer in poverty).