Articles for October 2013

Assange and the Politics of Rape and Reputation Asssassination

I’ve run into a lengthy conversation with some folks who claim, outright, that Assagne is a rapist.  Yet, this appears to be the story of two women, Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen, collaborating after discovering that Assange had been sleeping with both of them over a number of days. Yet the Western Media largely promotes this as a case of clear cut Rape, while their Governments certainly don’t mind that the founder of Wikileaks is getting a dose of prosecution, and may even be pressuring the charges along to fulfillment.  Meanwhile, the Swedish prosecutors, while perhaps assisting those who would like Assange jailed for the mere act of exposing secrets, seems also to be happy to tread deeply into highly dubious, extremist-feminist theory about rape and consent.   All and all, an intriguing tale!

But before I go any further, I must be clear:   rape is rape.  There is no in-between.  The difference between rape and sex is the word “consent”.

The Two

Many out there refuse to publish the names of the two women involved in the Assange case, lumping it in as a simple case of hiding the identity of rape victims.  But that’s in total denial of the reality of this case. Neither woman claimed rape originally, and many of the details of this case would be lost by hiding the identities of who these woman are — and if they were even initially seeking prosecution, or if the prosecution was the outgrowth of another agenda.

Anna Ardin is a leftist, feminist and animal rights activist in Sweden, and the Press Secretary of “The Brotherhood Movement”, a fringe, left-wing Christian faction of Sweden’s Social Democratic party. She is a former Swedish embassy official who served in Buenos Aires, and Havana: she was reportedly asked to leave Cuba after her interactions with Cuban exile groups linked to the CIA (although suggestions that she is a CIA operative are dubious at best, as her associations appear purely incidental). Ardin also interned for the editorial page of GT, the Gothenburg edition of Expressen (relevant later). She also previously worked at the Uppsala University, handling equality issues for the students’ union as the “gender equity” officer. She is the author of “Seven Steps to Legal Revenge”, which details how to maximize revenge / inflict pain on enemies by getting people to stalk them and by using other nefarious tricks.

Sophia Wilen was self described Assange fan and an aspiring photographer. An employee of the local Social Democratic-controlled council in the northern town of Enkoping, Wilen later told police that she had seen Assange on television and had become “obsessed” by him.

The Story

The story begins with Ardin having invited Assange to Stockholm, Sweeden to speak at a Brotherhood Movement event. Assang accepted Ardin’s offer to stay at her home, which she said would be unoccupied because she would be with her family for a few days. Assange arrived on 8/11/2010, but Ardin returned early on 8/13, and they cohabitated on a temporary basis while Assang was in town for the event. On the evening of 8/13 they had sex, both admitting that a condom was used but had broken.