Don Boudreux poses the question:

If enforcement of minimum-wage policies were carried out in practice by policing low-skilled workers rather than employers – if these policies were enforced by police officers monitoring workers and fining those workers who agreed to work at hourly wages below the legislated minimum – would you still support minimum wages?

Read Don’s full thought at his Cafe Hayek site here.

2 thoughts on “A Question for Minimum Wage Advocates

  1. Auntie Greed

    LB Scotch, your question in “The Importance of Consent” points us to blaming the victims when minimum wage laws are bypassed, and prosecuting the victims. We and our police systems learn very slowly about giving up such practices. For instance over centuries, we have prosecuted the victims of human trafficking (called ladies of the night, or prostitutes). Only now are slowly turning the boat around and realizing that the pimps and the johns are the criminals. Victims are not to be prosecuted.

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