The Liberty and Consent Protection  Amendment


The individual liberty of the Citizens of these United States (The People) shall not, in any circumstance, be infringed upon by other individuals, groups, or governments of any type whatsoever.

1. The People are, and always shall remain, as a right of humankind from the moment of conception and birth, inherently full owners of their own lives, including their bodies, their labor, and all fruits consensually derived thereof;

A.    As full owners of their selves, The People individually own their present selves, their past selves, and their future selves;

B.    As owners of their present selves, The People are the exclusive owners of their personal efforts and labor, to be voluntarily and consensually associated and dispensed as each so chooses;

C.    As exclusive owners of their past selves, The People are inherently entitled to the exclusive ownership of their accumulated fruits of their present efforts, e.g.  property, wealth, etc., to do with as they please, and in perpetuity;

D.     As exclusive owners of their future selves, The People are inherently entitled to remain free from unwanted influence and coercion, threats thereof, as affirmed forthwith;

2. The People shall always be entitled to the right of consent, whereby they reserve the opportunity to consent to, or outright reject, all initiatives of and associations with all others no matter how so those others are organized;

A. This right to Individual Liberty shall always be reserved by all The People who are of sound mind;

i.      The liberty of those medically deemed of unsound mind shall be protected from themselves and/or others by guardians as the law establishes.

ii.      Children, until the Age of Consent (age 18), being of limited faculty to make sound decisions, shall remain the legal responsibility of their parents or guardians, and shall have limited rights to self-determination until achieving the age of consent; but shall otherwise retain the rights to consent;

a.  Laws shall be constructed to protect children from themselves;

b.  Laws shall be constructed to protect children from predators who would avail themselves upon the innocence of a child in order to violate the child’s liberty before the child is capable of sound consent;

iii. Belief in the merits and defense of Individual Liberty shall never be deemed to be a mental illness, or classify any among The People as being of unsound mind.

3. The People, as heretofore described, shall always reserve the right to make their own informed and voluntary associations, and to consent to activities which they deem appropriate so long as their actions do not violate the Individual Liberty of others among The People.

A.     The People shall be free to protect themselves from the unlawful coercion, fraud and force used by others wishing to violate Individual Liberty as a means of achieving their goals, and may associate as they wish to do so.

B.     The sole exception where an individual, private group, or group organized as a government may violate the consent of another person or group is when that other person or group initiates a violation against the right to consent of others, or has previously violated such right, whereby prosecution for such crimes is necessitated as a matter of protecting and preserving the sanctity of this Amendment.

4. Individual Liberty shall always remain inalienable regardless of the justifications of those who would choose exceptions or exemptions in order to violate it.   Other than as exempted in Section 3.B. above, under no circumstances may The Peoples’ rights to Individual Liberty and to consent ever be violated.